Academic Excellence: Friends of Archaeology Dinner

Karime Castillo Cardenas and Adam DiBattista (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology students, dinner speakers)

Sebastian and Dulcy Bader (Director's Council members, FoA), Randi Danforth (Publications Director), and Karime Castillo Cardenas (CIoA student and dinner speaker)

Li Min (CIoA faculty), Christopher Donnan (CIoA emeritus faculty), Charles "Chip" Stanish (Previous Director of CIoA), and John Papadopoulos (Chair of the Archaeology Program and CIoA faculty)

Kathleen Boochever and Charlie Steinmetz (Director's Council members, FoA) with Ernestine Elster (Cotsen researcher)

Ellen Hsieh

Archaeology of the Boxer Codex: Spanish, Chinese, and Indigenous reactions in the Colonial Philippines

Karime Castillo Cardenas

Glass Production in New Spain: Some Results of a Study in Technology Transfer and Adaptation

Adam DiBattista

Hippo Tooth and Hog Tusk: Worked Animal Material at Ancient Methone

John Papadopoulos (Chair of Archaeology Program), Ellen Hsieh (CIoA student and dinner speaker), Willeke Wendrich (Director of CIoA), Karime Castillo Cardenas, and Adam DiBattista (CIoA students and dinner speakers)

Ellen Hsieh (CIoA student and dinner speaker) and David Boochever (Director's Council member, FoA)

Photographs by Dominic Matteucci