Support the Press

The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press is committed to making the fruits of archaeological research accessible to professionals, scholars, students, and the general public. We do this by producing high-quality academic volumes in a variety of innovative formats. Publishing about 10 titles per year in seven different series, our archaeological publications receive critical acclaim in both the academic and popular communities. To see our latest volumes please browse our books.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Lloyd E. Cotsen and other donors, our volumes are subsidized so that they can be made available at an affordable price to people around the globe while maintaining a superb level of quality. Continued donor support is critically important to fulfill our mission of disseminating archaeological research and there are a number of ways prospective donors can help ensure the preservation of cultural heritage through publication.

The following programs highlight ways in which you can support the CIoA Press:


Gifts of $5,000 or more can be may be designated to subsidize the special costs associated with a book’s publication and will be recognized in the first pages of the book. Donors can also choose to underwrite a series of publications in a particular subject with a gift of $25,000 or more. To sponsor a book online, visit Support CIoA.


This program aims to facilitate archaeological research globally by providing libraries with complimentary copies of our publications through the generosity of Cotsen Institute donors. The worldwide research of Cotsen Institute scholars builds foundations for archaeological research in many countries, and the Library Donation Program allows underfunded archaeological institutes and libraries to acquire important regional monographs published by the Cotsen Institute. By joining the Library Donation Program you support the dissemination of our critically acclaimed publications to libraries supporting local archaeological research around the world. Donations cover the cost of the book and shipping, and each volume will carry a bookplate acknowledging the generosity of the donor. Each donor participating in the Library Donation Program will also be recognized in Backdirt: Annual Review.

To participate in the Library Donation Program or to inquire about other ways to support the Cotsen Institute Press, please contact Randi Danforth.