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Since 1975, the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press (formerly the Publications Unit) has served to preserve cultural heritage through the documentation and publication of scholarly archaeological research. Specializing in producing high-quality academic volumes, the Press publishes about 10 titles per year in seven different series: Monumenta Archaeologica contains final reports of significant field research, presented in hardcover format; Monographs focus on contributions in synthetic field research and current issues in archaeological method and theory; Cotsen Advanced Seminars are the published results of Cotsen Institute sponsored seminars, where scholars explore cross-disciplinary themes; Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives offers a forum to address theoretical and practical issues of concern to contemporary archaeology; World Heritage and Monuments highlights major archaeological sites and monuments around the globe and seeks to preserve their unique cultural contributions through scholarly documentation and publication; Perspectives in California Archaeology presents substantive and theoretical topics focusing on archaeological research in California; Archaeological Research Tools presents manuals covering specific topics of practical interest to archaeological research. Explore CIoA Press publications in our Online Catalog.

Acquisitions are monitored by an Editorial Board composed of distinguished UCLA faculty and are accepted based on the results of critical peer review. The Press is committed to producing innovative volumes in a variety of formats. Upcoming projects include the launch of an electronic and born–digital publications program as part of the Cotsen Digital Archive — an ongoing initiative that will archive faculty research and host digital publications in collaboration with a number of partner organizations at UCLA. 

Recent reviews in journals such as Antiquity, Latin American Antiquity, and Bryn Mawr Classical Review highlight the exceptional quality and superb presentation of research published by the Cotsen Institute:


“[René T.J. Cappers’ Roman Foodprints at Berenike: Archaeobotanical Evidence of Subsistence and Trade in the Eastern Desert of Egypt] is beautifully produced, with an abundance of highly useful maps, tables and black and white photographs. The colour photograph section at the end offers a real sense of the landscape and natural world surrounding the sites. The book is exemplary in its presentation and analysis of difficult archaeological data in a way that is intelligent, engaging and understandable for both specialists and non-specialists alike, and it will no doubt serve as a highly valuable tool for both archaeologists and ancient historians researching Roman trade with the east and Roman settlement in the Egyptian Eastern Desert for many years to come.”

—Arjan Zuiderhoek, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2006.10.41


“In Archaeological Research on Islands of the Sun and Moon, Charles Stanish and Brian Bauer have tactfully assembled key results of an impressive project of archaeological research in an important region of the central South American Andes. The volume includes everything one would hope for in a monograph: clear writing, ample data, logical organization in their presentation, and many illustrations and photos. Stanish and Bauer’s excellent monograph complements their more general co-authored volume synthesizing this research, Ritual and Pilgrimage in the Ancient Andes (2001).”
—John Janusek, Vanderbilt University, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N.S.) 13, 1023-1063


In addition to acclaimed books, the CIoA Press produces Backdirt: Annual Review, a full-length magazine that features recent Institute research, news and events. For more information about the publishing program or CIoA Press publications, visit For Authors.

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