Data Publishing and Open Access


The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press platform DIG (Digital Information Gateway) is an initiative to sustainably publish and provide access to data associated with archaeological publications. Technological advances in the collection and analysis of digital data have opened the possibility of publishing not only the narratives or interpretations, but also the information that underlies these texts. Rather than making this information available as an appendix or within printed tables, the publication of data in shareable form is increasingly important to scholarly progress. Access to research data is especially significant within archaeology, a research community that deals with often irreplaceable datasets and continuing threats to records and sources. The DIG Data Initiative builds on the growing community-led interest in preserving and sharing datasets to ensure that the emerging preservation practices are incorporated into the existing scholarly publication framework. 


Archaeological research is strengthened by the ability to reuse and incorporate data into subsequent studies. DIG aims to facilitate this process by providing access to data in their native format, with the contextual information and documentation needed to understand and work with these datasets. Visit DIG to see the data currently available.


The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology supports open access and long-term preservation of scholarly materials. Support for these endeavors is provided through collaborations with eScholarship, an initiative of the California Digital Library to provide an open access publishing platform that offers UC departments, centers, and research units direct control over the creation and dissemination of the full range of their scholarship, including journals and peer-reviewed series, postprints, and seminar papers. These materials are freely available to the public online.

In an effort to produce innovative digital publications, the CIoA Press collaborated with eScholarship and UCLA Digital Library to create our branded account in order to share our open access, peer reviewed publications including our latest series: Cotsen Digital Archaeology (CDA). The CDA series presents the results of original archaeological and conservation research through digitally initiated and accessible publications that integrate innovative multimedia and data links. The series is made available through eScholarship at no cost to consumers. Additionally, CIoA Press has released postprints of previously published titles online. 

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eScholarship provides alternative publication services online for the UC community, supports widespread distribution of the materials that result from research and teaching at UC, and fosters new models of scholarly publishing through development and application of advanced technologies. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press is proud to be participating in this publishing program.