Why Study at CIoA?

The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (CIoA) is an organized research unit that is dedicated to education, publication, and conservation efforts across the globe. Two graduate programs—the UCLA Interdepartmental Archaeology Graduate Program (AP) and the UCLA/Getty Master’s Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials— are housed at the Cotsen Institute. Both the Archaeology and Conservation Programs are independent academic units (Interdepartmental Programs or IDPs) that contribute significantly to the intellectual environment at the Cotsen Institute.

UCLA Interdepartmental Archaeology Graduate Program

  • As one of three institutions in North America that awards a Ph.D. in Archaeology, our program is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, providing students with the opportunity to learn, and to frame their own research in a multidisciplinary fashion.
  • Small entering classes create a tightly knit cohort that results in enduring professional relationships. AP students also have the opportunity to engage with students in affiliated departments.
  • Students have an excellent success rate with both internal and extramural funding sources. With access to additional student support from the Cotsen Institute and other departments and centers on campus, UCLA provides multiple funding resources for graduate students.
  • Los Angeles is home to a dynamic and expansive archaeological community. The Cotsen Institute acts as its epicenter with numerous relationships with notable external scholars, universities, and museums in the greater LA area.
  • Since the program is housed in the Cotsen Institute, students benefit from the many national and international scholars who frequent the Cotsen Institute for talks, symposia, and as visiting scholars. The Cotsen Institute provides additional funding to students to participate in innovative workshops and seminars. As a result of these many initiatives and institutional links, the Archaeology Program is one of the most robust archaeological training institutions in the United States.

UCLA/Getty Master's Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials

  • The first conservation training program on the west coast of the U.S., the Conservation Program is the only one in North America to focus on the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic objects.
  • Designed to draw upon the vast resources and expertise of both UCLA and The Getty for collaboration, teaching and research, students have access to numerous resources.
  • Students in the program are enriched through collaborations with southern California tribal communities, along with museums focusing on art, archaeology, cultural history and natural history.
  • The ability of conservation students to train alongside archaeologists provides opportunity for professional understanding and future collaborations.
  • Conservation faculty and students work with archaeologists at the Cotsen Institute and other professionals from distinguished institutions, to research and preserve objects and sites in countries such as Albania, Chile, Iceland, and Turkey.