Working Groups

Andean Working Group

The Andean Working Group, co sponsored by the Latin American Institute, draws scholars from across Southern California to the UCLA campus for meetings focused on current research in Andean archaeology, art history, anthropology, and history.  Presentations made by local and international scholars are short (approximately 20 minutes) followed by an extended group discussions (40 minutes). For more information on past lectures and events organized by the working group, see this link. Stella Nair (Art History) is co founder and Faculty Mentor, and Rachel Schloss (Archaeology) and Gabriel Silva Collins (Archaeology) are co-organizers for the working group, please contact them for further information.

Architecture Working Group

The Architecture Working Group, housed in the Cotsen Institute’s Architecture Lab, brings together doctoral students from across campus who are working on Architectural history topics, ranging from design and construction studies, to larger critique of the built environment across time and space. The group meets for informal discussions, lecture presentations, shared readings, and workshops. For more information on past lectures and events organized by the working group, see this link. The Architecture Working Group was founded by Stella Nair (Art History). Doctoral students interested in participating should contact Sarah Ortiz-Monasterio (Art History) and Alex Casteel (Archaeology) for further information. 

Ethnoarchaeology Working Group

The Ethnoarchaeology Working Group proposes to conduct future workshop sessions and training relating to all aspects of ethnoarchaeology in different parts of the world. Members of the working group include:

Indigenous Material and Visual Culture Working Group

Members of the Andean Lab are active in founding and co-directing the Indigenous Material and Visual Culture Working Group (sponsored by the Center for 17th and 18th Centuries Studies). The MVCA is an interdisciplinary working group aimed at facilitating the study of indigenous cultural productions from across the Americas. For more information on lectures and events organized by the group, visit this link.

Past working groups

Lithic Analysis Research Group

The Lithic Analysis Research Group (LARG) was directed by Jeanne Arnold, Professor of Anthropology. LARG shared a space with the Ceramic Research Group and several graduate students. Comparative collections of lithic materials were housed in storage units, and modest topical libraries and article files were maintained. The main goal of LARG was to assemble and maintain resources to assist with teaching the UCLA community about stone materials and stone tools. When resources allowed, LARG organized programs for Cotsen Institute affiliates, including field trips to quarry sites, workshops, or presentations.

Ceramics Research Group

The Ceramics Research Group was directed by Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett, Research Associate and Archaeology Program alumna. The group acted as an information center on ceramics and ceramic analysis, offering practical experience to students and researchers, and maintaining a dialogue among a large community of ceramic specialists at UCLA and in its surrounding areas.  The group held at least one event per academic quarter attended by Cotsen Institute affiliates and interested parties from other colleges and universities.