A collection of the graduates of 2018 with faculty.

The 2017-18 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and End of Year Reception

Guests mingle on the Fowler Rooftop Terrace.

Newly minted PhDs.

The Cotsen community at the reception.

Current Archaeology IDP students enjoying the reception.

NELC Graduate Dr. Marissa Stevens and Dr. Willeke Wendrich.

The Cotsen community at the reception.

Some Friends of Archaeology at the reception.

Current students enjoying the reception.

New graduate, Dr. Chenghao Wen, with Dr. John Papadopoulos and Ms. Christina Woo.

Dr. Elizabeth Carter is recognized for her career of scholarship.

Dr. Alan Farahani receives a parting gift.

Matthew Swanson and Dr. Willeke Wendrich.

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, the UCLA Doctoral Hooding Ceremony recognized UCLA doctoral students who filed their dissertations and completed their degrees during the past academic year. A total of 9 Archaeology IDP students, as well as one affiliated student in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, attended the Hooding Ceremony. In alphabetical order, these were: Caroline Arbuckle, Evan Carlson, Richard Ehrich, MaryAnn Kontonicolas, Kristine Olshansky, Deborah Sneed, Lyssa Stapleton, Marissa Stevens, Trevor Van Damme, and Chenghao Wen.

Directly following the ceremony in Royce Hall, they were acknowledged at a reception on the roof of the Fowler Museum. Also acknowledged at the reception, though not present, were the graduating students of the UCLA/Getty Master's in Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials. In alphabetical order, these were: Morgan Burgess, Marci Burton, Mari Hagemeyer, Hayley Monroe, Lindsay Ocal, and Michaela Paulson.

In addition, the Institute bid farewell to Dr. Alan Farahani, who will start a tenure-track position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the Fall, and to Matthew Swanson, who will start a PhD in English at UCLA. Dr. Wendrich also announced a symposium in honor of Professor Elizabeth Carter's scholarship upon her retirement. Finally, for her 15 years of invaluable service as the President of the Friends of Archaeology, Jill Silton was presented with The Trowel, the highest honor bestowed by the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.

Drs. Richard Ehrich, Trevor van Damme, Caroline Arbuckle, Deborah Sneed, Kristine Olshansky, and Chenghao Wen prior to the Hooding Ceremony.

Jill Silton receives The Trowel.

Guests mingle on the Fowler Rooftop Terrace.

The Cotsen community at the reception.

The graduates of 2017-18 say farewell!