African Diaspora Archaeology Lab

Justin Dunnavant

Photo by Dave McDuffie, 2022

Location: Fowler Building, Room A336 
Faculty Director: Dr. Justin Dunnavant
Graduate Students: Jewell Humphrey, Maddy Aubey, Nicole Smith

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Mailing address:
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
308 Charles E Young Dr N
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone (Cotsen Main office): 310-206-8934

The African Diaspora Archaeology Lab (ADAL) supports research that explores the histories and material culture of people of African descent around the world. Current foci of the lab include the maritime and terrestrial archaeology of slavery and freedom in the Americas. Research within the lab investigates the relationship between ecology and slavery, the persistence of free Black communities in Alabama and Belize, and the Black Star Line Shipping Company. ADAL is committed to training the next generation of archaeologists by ensuring that communities become active stewards in the recovery and dissemination of their history and heritage. 

Lab team in the field

Photo by Dave McDuffie, 2022

Lab team

Photo by Dave McDuffie, 2022