Event: Beyond the facades: Exploring the Dead at Petra, Jordan

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October 19, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
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Sumiji Takahashi
Phone 310-825-4169


Fowler A222 (Seminar Room)

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Other Event,

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Pizza Talk

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Megan Perry

East Carolina University

Associate Professor of Biological Anthropology


The mysterious Nabataeans, builders of the magnificent city of Petra, have long fascinated scholars and the public. Scant archaeological research and minimal textual sources have not clarified the shift from a primarily nomadic encampment in the late 4th century BC into a major capital city by the 1st century BC. Our understanding of Petra’s urban life recently has been transformed with the excavation of tombs within the ancient city. The human skeletal remains from these tombs have illuminated the origins of the city’s residents, their disease profiles, and what foods they relied on in this desert environment. This lecture demonstrates how Petra’s dead can inform what life was like in this ancient city.


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