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Room Number: Fowler A410 
Lab Manager: William Shelley

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The UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage is recognized nationally and across the globe as a leading education and research program with a unique specialization. It is the only graduate-level academic conservation program in the Western United States and the only national program with a sole focus on archaeological and cultural materials. The three-year MA degree trains students in the theory and practice of conserving cultural heritage. Since the 2019 launch of the doctoral program, the UCLA/Getty Program is one of two conservation programs in the U.S. that offer PhD degrees. The PhD degree is focused on the conservation of material culture. Students who complete the program are educated not only in the principles, science, and practice of conservation ensuring the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage, but also in leadership and problem solving to address complex issues including climate change, illicit trade, and community engagement. The Conservation Program currently accepts five MA students and three PhD students every other year. Given the rigorous application process, the quality of students is consistently high and acceptance is very competitive. The Program has graduated a total of forty-three MA students who are now leading conservation efforts for cultural heritage institutions nationally and around the world.

In addition to the two graduate degrees, the Program offers the Andrew W. Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Education Program that aims to increase diversity in conservation by training undergraduate students from underrepresented populations.

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