The Cotzen Prize FAQ

What is the definition of an active senior archaeologist?

Any scholar that continues any academic activity such as publishing, attending conferences, advising, editing books, lecturing, lab work, field work and so forth.

Can I nominate more than one person?


Can I write letters for more than one person?


Can multiple people nominate the laureates?

Yes, simply add the names of the nominators to the letter of nomination.

Is there any special format to the submission?

Please create a set of letters that includes a nomination letter written by the nominator(s) along with additional letters of support by other scholars. These letters must then be converted to PDF or other readable format and sent in as a packet. By packet, we simply mean that they come in the same email. The letters should be on letterhead of the recommenders’ academic institution(s). If the recommender is emeritus/a, the letter can be on plain paper. All nominators and recommenders will be contacted to verify their submission.

What should the nomination packet contain?

The minimum required is one nomination letter of 1000 – 1500 words that summarizes the candidate’s impact on archaeological research and teaching, signed by at least one person, plus at least one letter of support from another person. The ideal nomination package will contain 1) a nomination letter just described signed by several colleagues, plus 2) more specific individual letters by supporters outlining the candidate’s strengths, ideally in the letter writers’ area of expertise. (The same people that sign the nomination letter may write additional individual letters), plus 3) at least one mentee nomination. Each mentee nomination will include at least one letter describing the candidate’s work and how it was inspired and supported by the senior laureate candidate. We recommend that the nominator coordinates the process to ensure the strongest possible case, perhaps assigning or suggesting areas in which letter writers can focus.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of letters of support?

No, but the number should be sufficient to convey the impact of the nominee but not so large as to be overly redundant or superfluous.

Can one letter of support have multiple signatures? 


Can a junior laureate candidate (mentee) write a letter for the senior laureate candidate?


How many junior laureate nominees are permitted?

There is no theoretical limit but we expect between one and three names to be a reasonable number.

Can one person sign more than one letter to support a candidate?

Yes, it is appropriate to sign the nomination letter and an additional letter of support.

How many letters of support should we submit? 

There is no set amount, but we believe that less than three signatures of support would be problematic.

Can I submit applications by regular mail?

No, all submissions must be sent via email to

Can I submit by fax?


What constitutes a completed nomination?

The nomination will be considered complete after we review the packet and send the nominator a written (via email) confirmation that their submission is complete.