Pacatnamu Papers Vol. 1, The


ISBN: 978-0930741-11-2
Publication Date: Dec 1986
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Christopher B. Donnan and Guillermo A. Cock

This volume presents the results of the first three years (1983-1985) of a five-year excavation at Pacatnamu, Peru, combining archaeological excavation with physical anthropology, botany, zoology, textile analysis, ethnography, and ethnohistory. Focuses on the period of Lambayeque occupation. Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction by Chris B. Donnan
  • Ch. 02: Brick Seriation at Pacatnamu by Donald H. McClelland
  • Ch. 03: The City Walls at Pacatnamu by Chris B. Donnan
  • Ch. 04: The Huaca 1 Complex by Chris B. Donnan
  • Ch. 05: H1M1: A Late Intermediate Period Mortuary Structure at Pacatnamu by John W. Verano and Alana Cordy-Collins
  • Ch. 06: The Audiencia Room of the Huaca 1 Complex by Susan Lee Bruce 
  • Ch. 07: An Elaborate Textile Fragment from the Major Quadrangle by Chris B. Donnan
  • Ch. 08: A Mass Burial of Multilated Individuals at Pacatnamu by John W. Verano
  • Ch. 09: Black Vultures and Human Victims: Archaeological Evidence from Pacatnamu by Amadeo M. Rea
  • Ch. 10: The Mass Burial: An Entomological Perspective by David K. Faulkner
  • Ch. 11: The Huaca 4 Complex by Richard W. Keatinge
  • Ch. 12: The Huaca 23a, 49, and 50 Complexes by Chris B. Donnan
  • Ch. 13: Power and Wealth in the Jequetepeque Valley during the Sixteenth Century by Guillermo A. Cock