Event: PIZZA TALK: Epigraphy in the Block Yard at Tell Edfu: Problems and Result

Date & Time

January 23, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Sumiji Takahashi
Phone 310-825-4169


Fowler A222 (Seminar Room)

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Pizza Talk

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Jonathan Winnerman

Lecturer, UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 


Begun in 2012, the goal of the Block Yard Project at Tell Edfu is to organize, conserve, and document the wealth of epigraphic material discovered in the settlement site to the west of the well-known Ptolemaic temple. Prior to the present study, many of the objects were simply abandoned at the base of the site, deemed unworthy for inclusion in a museum by early excavators. Yet, these objects reveal a great deal about Egyptian religious practices, especially in the community outside of the temple itself. This talk first discusses epigraphic methodology and the options available for the documentation of this or other, similar material. It next provides an overview of some of the most interesting results, focusing specifically on the remains of a distinctive structure of unknown design and purpose.