STELLA NAIR honored by UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Center for 17th– and 18th- Century Studies

Stella Nair, associate professor of art history and core faculty member of the Cotsen Institute, has been awarded significant honors by two UCLA centers. She has been chosen for the 2021–2022 joint Research Excellence Award for UCLA Associate Professors by the Center for the Study of Women and the Institute of American Cultures. The award consists of a monograph manuscript workshop (or equivalent) to secure continued excellence in scholarship by UCLA professors at the associate level while addressing questions important to the fields of critical race and postcolonial studies, as well as gender, sexuality, and ethnic studies. The organization will bring specialists together on campus to review and discuss Nair’s book manuscript, “Inca Architecture and the Daughters of the Moon.”

In addition, Nair and Paul Niell, associate professor of art history at Florida State University, have been named by the Center for 17th- and 18th- Century Studies as 2022–2023 Clark Professors at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library for their project “The Forgotten Canopy: Ecology, Ephemeral Architecture, and Imperialism in the Circum-Caribbean and Trans-Atlantic World.” Nair and Niell will organize the Core Foundation Program, which includes a series of three conferences that will draw scholars from across the world to study the intricate relationships between colonialism, ecologies, and building practices in the early modern world. According to Nair this will also provide research and financial opportunities for graduate students.

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