Undergraduate Research

The following undergraduates are affiliated with the Andean and Architecture Labs.

Elizabeth Friedman

Thesis: The Layered Landscape of the “Mound City” Group: Land-use as a Weapon of Colonial Violence
MajorArt History and History
GraduationSummer 2022

Image credit: Plate XIX. “Ancient Works, Ross County Ohio (three miles north of Chillicothe)”, from Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley (1848) by Ephraim George Squier and Edwin Hamilton Davis

Andrew Ontiveros

Thesis: Mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis: Facial Disfiguration in Moche Pottery
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2021

Image credit: Stirrup-spout bottle: mutilated figure, Peru, Moche, 400-600 CE, Ceramic and slip paints, 22.385 x 18.258 x 12.7 cm, Dallas Museum of Art 1976.W.123

Glass houseAna Laura Paolini Paiva

Thesis: Lina Bo Bardi's Casa de Vidro, The Glass House: a view into how the architecture grows into the Brazilian landscape
Major: Art History
Minor: English
Graduation: Spring 2020

Lime Spoon in the Form of a Hummingbird, Peru, Central Highlands, Inca, 1250-1470, Gold and malachite, 9.21 x 3.81 cm, LACMA M.2003.77

Emilie Liu

Thesis: Manipulating the Senses and Making Art: An Analysis of Inca Vilca Usage
Major: Neuroscience and Art History
Graduation: Winter 2020

Guaman Poma de Ayala, Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno, c. 1615, folio 130 r

Miranda Claxton

Thesis: Sounds of the Empire: Female Voice and Song in the Inca Empire
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2020

Miniature Headdresses and Garments, Inca, c. 1400-1532.Camelid fibers, feathers, 11.4 x 7.9 cm. Brooklyn Museum, 41.1275.108b.

Hope Noakes

Thesis: Inca Women of Feathers and Power: Capacocha Feather-Work and Figurines
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2020