Undergraduate Research

The following undergraduates are affiliated with the Andean and Architecture Labs.

Andrew Ontiveros

Thesis: Mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis: Facial Disfiguration in Moche Pottery
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2021

Image credit: Stirrup-spout bottle: mutilated figure, Peru, Moche, 400-600 CE, Ceramic and slip paints, 22.385 x 18.258 x 12.7 cm, Dallas Museum of Art 1976.W.123

Glass houseAna Laura Paolini Paiva

Thesis: Lina Bo Bardi's Casa de Vidro, The Glass House: a view into how the architecture grows into the Brazilian landscape
Major: Art History
Minor: English
Graduation: Spring 2020

Lime Spoon in the Form of a Hummingbird, Peru, Central Highlands, Inca, 1250-1470, Gold and malachite, 9.21 x 3.81 cm, LACMA M.2003.77

Emilie Liu

Thesis: Manipulating the Senses and Making Art: An Analysis of Inca Vilca Usage
Major: Neuroscience and Art History
Graduation: Winter 2020

Guaman Poma de Ayala, Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno, c. 1615, folio 130 r

Miranda Claxton

Thesis: Sounds of the Empire: Female Voice and Song in the Inca Empire
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2020

Miniature Headdresses and Garments, Inca, c. 1400-1532.Camelid fibers, feathers, 11.4 x 7.9 cm. Brooklyn Museum, 41.1275.108b.

Hope Noakes

Thesis: Inca Women of Feathers and Power: Capacocha Feather-Work and Figurines
Major: Art History
Graduation: Spring 2020