Archaeology Outside the Box


ISBN: 978-1-950446-29-2
Publication Date: May 2023
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Hans Barnard

Archaeology Outside the Box is an examination of archaeology from some surprising and unexpected points of view by anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, and artists, including subjects as up to the minute as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, homelessness, and migration.

The authors strive to present archaeology "outside the box" in which it is usually defined and perceived, by reflecting on archaeological remains in novel ways, and using research methods and theory to address contemporary issues. In keeping with the order in which archaeological excavations are conducted, where layers are unearthed in reverse from top to bottom, the chapters are presented similarly in reverse.

Table of Contents

Chapter 31: Archaeology Outside the Box: An Introduction. Hans Barnard 

Chapter 30:The Box Project and Outside-the-Box Archaeology. Willeke Wendrich 

Part III: A New Perspective on Archaeology 

Chapter 29: Building and Burning Stone Age Houses. Annelou van Gijn 

Chapter 28: What Did It Feel Like? How Sensory Archaeology is Changing the Way We Understand the Past and Present. Robin Skeates 

Chapter 27: Psychology from the Bronze Age: Faces, Emotions, and Personalities at Thera. Torill Christine Lindstrøm 

Chapter 26: Rumors of War and Warrior Realities in the Peruvian Andes. Danielle Kurin, Valda Black, Beatriz Lizarraga, and Ivanna Robledo 

Chapter 25: Archaeology and Contemporary Capitalism. Peter G. Gould 

Chapter 24: Stuff. Jerzy Gawronski

Chapter 23: What Remains of Paquius Proculus: Video Game Bodies in Virtual Pompeii. David Fredrick, Rhodora G. Vennarucci, and William Loder 

Chapter 22:The Museum Hotel Antakya: Against the Collar for Ten Tough Years. Emre Arolat 

Part II: The Archaeology of Living Memory 

Chapter 21: Using Archaeology to Understand Homelessness. Larry J. Zimmerman 

Chapter 20: Forgotten Products of Labor: A Ritual of Many Lives. Ruth Tringham and Annie Danis 

Chapter 19: Hostile Terrain 94: Using an Archaeological Sensibility to Raise Awareness about Migrant Death along the U.S.–Mexico Border. Nicole Smith, Gabriel Canter, Austin E. Shipman, Cameron Gokee, Haeden Stewart, and Jason De León 

Chapter 18: On AIR: An Archaeological Riff on Montserrat’s World-Famous 1980s Recording Studio. Krysta Ryzewski and John F. Cherry 

Chapter 17: Radical Stratigraphy: Excavating a Century of Los Angeles Graffiti. Susan A. Phillips 

Chapter 16: Chokehold on Freedom: Archaeology, Incarceration, and the Ideology of Whiteness. Barra O’Donnabhain 

Chapter 15: Kitchen Detritus in Modern Archaeology. La Vergne Lehmann 

Chapter 14: Litterscapes in the Anthropocene: An Archaeology of Discarded Cigarettes. Anthony P. Graesch and Timothy Hartshorn 

Chapter 13: Archaeology in a Vacuum: Obstacles to and Solutions for Developing a Real Space Archaeology. Alice Gorman and Justin Walsh 

Chapter 12: War Near At Home: An Archaeology of Conflict. Alfredo González-Ruibal 

Chapter 11: Stories that Change Things: Reflections on the Materiality of Living Memory. Bonnie J. Clark and Ian Kuijt 

Chapter 10: The Bakken Hundreds. William Caraher and Bret Weber 

Chapter 9: A Loss of an Absence. Reinhard Bernbeck 

Chapter 8: Archaeogaming Is X. John Aycock and Katie Biittner 

Part I: Humans and Objects 

Chapter 7:The Wall that Gives/El muro que da: Trash in a Box. Maite Zubiaurre and Filomena Cruz 

Chapter 6: Portraits of Ancient Linen. Gail Rothschild

Chapter 5: Abandoned Places and No Man’s Land. Henk van Rensbergen 

Chapter 4: All Objects Have Been Contemporary: An Archaeology of Us. Enrico Ferraris 

Chapter 3: A First Exercise in Autovocality: The Archaeology of My Study. Hans Barnard 

Chapter 2: A Second Exercise in Autovocality: The Archaeology of My Living. Hans Barnard 

Chapter 1: Beyond Archaeology: Disarticulation and Its Consequences. Doug Bailey