Andean Civilization: A Tribute to Michael E. Moseley


Series: Monographs 63
ISBN: 978-1-931745-54-3
Publication Date: Jul 2009
Price: Hb $40, Pb $20, eBook $20
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Joyce Marcus and Patrick Ryan Williams

This volume brings together exciting new field data by more than two dozen Andean scholars who came together to honor their friend, colleague, and mentor, Michael E. Moseley. These new studies cover the enormous temporal span of Moseley’s own work from the Preceramic era to the Tiwanaku and Moche states to the Inka empire. And, like Moseley’s own studies—from Maritime Foundations of Andean Civilization to Chan Chan: The Desert City to Cerro Bául’s brewery—these new studies involve settlements from all over the Andes—from the far northern highlands to the far southern coast. An invaluable addition to any Andeanist’s library, the papers in this book demonstrate the enormous breadth and influence of Michael E. Moseley’s work and the vibrant range of exciting new research by his former students and collaborators in fieldwork.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Michael E. Moseley and the Foundations of Andean Civilization by Joyce Marcus and Charles Stanish
  • Ch. 02: Prehistoric Population Dynamics in The Andes by Richard C. Sutter
  • Ch. 03: Early Fishing and Inland Monuments: Challenging the Maritime Foundations of Andean Civilization? by Daniel H. Sandweiss
  • Ch. 04: Quebrada Tacahuay and Early Maritime Foundations on Peru’s Far Southern Coast by Susan D. Defrance
  • Ch. 05: Key Research Themes in the South-Central Andean Archaic by Mark Aldenderfer
  • Ch. 06: Talking Dogs and New Clothes, or the Maritime Foundations Hypothesis Revisited by Robert A. Feldman
  • Ch. 07: Caral-Supe Y Su Entorno Natural Y Social En Los Orígenes De La Civilización by Ruth Shady Solís
  • Ch. 08: Early Agriculture in the Coastal Osmore Valley, Peru: Synchronous Events and Macroregional  Processes in the Formation of Andean Civilization by Bruce D. Owen
  • Ch. 09: The Tiwanaku Occupation of the Northern Titicaca Basin by Charles Stanish
  • Ch. 10: The Moche Use of Numbers and Number Sets by Christopher B. Donnan
  • Ch. 11: Curated Corpses and Scattered Skeletons: New Data and New Questions Concerning the Moche Dead by Alana Cordy-Collins
  • Ch. 12: Exploration of Punctuated Equilibrium and Culture Change in the Archaeology of Andean Ethnogenesis by Garth Bawden and Richard Reycraft
  • Ch. 13: Settlement Patterns in the Huamachuco Area by John R. Topic
  • Ch. 14: The Meaning of Monuments at Marcahuamachuco by Theresa Lange Topic
  • Ch. 15: Wari Political Organization: The Southern Periphery by Donna J. Nash and Patrick Ryan Williams
  • Ch. 16: Diasporas within the Ancient State: Tiwanaku As Ayllus in Motion by Paul S. Goldstein
  • Ch. 17: A World Tour of Breweries by Joyce Marcus
  • Ch. 18: Chimú Statecraft in the Provinces by Carol Mackey
  • Ch. 19: Camelid Herders: The Forgotten Specialists in the Coastal Señorío of Chiribaya, Southern Peru by María Cecilia Lozada, Jane E. Buikstra, Gordon Rakita, and Jane C. Wheeler
  • Ch. 20: Inka Agricultural Intensification in the Imperial Heartland and Provinces by R. Alan Covey
  • Ch. 21: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and the Spanish Colonial Wine Industry of Southern Peru by Prudence M. Rice
  • Ch. 22: Michael E. Moseley: The Formative Years 1941–1985 by James B. Richardson III