Integrating Çatalhöyük: Themes from the 2000-2008 Seasons, Volume 10


Series: Monumenta Archaeologica 32
ISBN: 978-1-898249-32-0
Publication Date: Sep 2014
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Ian Hodder

This volume discusses general themes that have emerged in interpretation of the results of the 2000–2008 excavations, synthesizing the results of research described in other volumes in the same series. Subsistence analysis and the examination of human remains yielded data on landscape use and mobility, and the storage and sharing of food. The ways in which houses were constructed, lived in, and abandoned leads to a broad discussion of settlement and social organization at Çatalhöyük, and of change over time. 


For example, shifts in the themes that occur in paintings in houses evolve as part of a wider set of social, economic, and ritual changes in the upper levels. The social uses of materials and technologies are explored, as well as the roles of materials in personal adornment. Finally, the discussion of variation through place and time is recognized as dependent on scales of analysis and social process.

Wall painting

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction and Summary of Summaries by Ian Hodder
  • Ch. 02: Community-based Archaeology at Çatalhöyük by Sonya Atalay
  • Ch. 03: How Effectively do ‘Top-Down’ Participatory Management Initiatives for Turkey’s Archaeological Areas Merge with ‘Bottom-up’ Management Practices? A Çatalhöyük Case Study by Beliz Tecirli
  • Ch. 04: Evaluating Çatalhöyük: Economic and Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding the Impact of Cultural Heritage by Madeleine ‘Bear’ Douglas
  • Ch. 05: Going Back, Looking Forward: Reflexive Archaeology or Reflexive Method? by Åsa Berggren & Björn Nilsson
  • Ch. 06: Landscape and Taskscape at Çatalhöyük: An Integrated Perspective by Michael Charles, Chris Doherty, Eleni Asouti, Amy Bogaard, Elizabeth Henton, Clark Spencer Larsen, Christopher B. Ruff, Philippa Ryan, Joshua W. Sadvari & Katheryn C. Twiss
  • Ch. 07: Of Bins, Basins and Banquets: Storing, Handling and Sharing at Neolithic Çatalhöyük by G. Arzu Demirergi, Katheryn C. Twiss, Amy Bogaard, Laura Green, Philippa Ryan & Shahina Farid
  • Ch. 08: Bringing Down the House: House Closing Deposits at Çatalhöyük by Nerissa Russell, Katherine I. Wright, Tristan Carter, Sheena Ketchum, Philippa Ryan, Nurcan Yalman, Roddy Reagan, Mirjana Stevanović & Marina Milić
  • Ch. 09: Assessing Outdoor Activities and Their Social Implications at Çatalhöyük by Amy Bogaard, Philippa Ryan, Nurcan Yalman, Eleni Asouti, Katheryn C. Twiss, Camilla Mazzucato & Shahina Farid
  • Ch. 10: Mosaics and Networks: The Social Geography at Çatalhöyük by Ian Hodder
  • Ch. 11: Temporal Trends: The Shapes and Narratives of Cultural Change at Çatalhöyük by Ian Hodder with contributions by Chris Doherty
  • Ch. 12 Wall Paintings at Çatalhöyük by Agata Czeszewska
  • Ch. 13: Dress: A Preliminary Study of Bodily Ornamentation at Çatalhöyük by Milena Vasić, Roseleen Bains & Nerissa Russell with contributions by Danielle Bar-Yosef, Lynn Meskell & Carolyn Nakamura
  • Ch. 14: Human-thing Entanglements by Ian Hodder and Chris Doherty