Central California Coastal Prehistory: A View from Little Pico Creek


Series: Perspectives in California Archaeology 3
ISBN: 978-0-917956-83-6
Publication Date: Jul 1995
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Terry L. Jones and Georgie Waugh

Reports on excavations at Little Pico Creek in San Luis Obispo County and assesses the temporal components and issues of cultural chronology, subsistence, mobility, and social structure.Central California Costal Prehistory

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction
  • Ch. 02: Research Context
  • Ch. 03: Field and Laboratory Methods
  • Ch. 04: Site Structure
  • Ch. 05: Chronology
  • Ch. 06: Burial Population at CA-SL0-175 with a contribution by Lara C. Weinheimer
  • Ch. 07: Flaked Stone
  • Ch. 08: Ground and Battered Stone
  • Ch. 09: Bone Artifacts
  • Ch. 10: Faunal Remains
  • Ch. 11: Summary and Conclusions