Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologist


Series: Archaeological Research Tools 4

Publication Date: Jul 1994
  • Open Access: PDF

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Catherine Sease

Conservation treatments and techniques for the archaeologist in the field, emphasizing how to conserve an excavated object before it is taken to a trained conservator offsite. Safety procedures and conservation Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologistsupplies and materials are recommended. Techniques for lifting, cleaning, consolidating, marking, and storing are discussed, along with methods for treating specific artifact materials (e.g., amber, wood). Appendixes cover impressions and chemical preparations.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Important Points
  • Ch. 02: Safety
  • Ch. 03: Supplies and Materials 
  • Ch. 04: General Treatment Techniques
  • Ch. 05: Specific Materials and Treatments

Conservation Manual for the Field Archaeologist