Domestic Ritual in Ancient Mesoamerica


Series: Monographs 46
ISBN: 978-1-931745-00-0
Publication Date: Jul 2002
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Patricia Plunket

Although the concepts and patterns of ritual varied through time in relation to general sociopolitical transformations and local historical circumstances in ancient Mesoamerica, most archaeologists would agree that certain underlying themes and structures modeled the ritual phenomena of this complex culture area. Domestic Ritual in Ancient MesoamericaBy focusing on ritual expression at the household level, this volume seeks to compare the manifestations of domestic ritual across time and space in both the cores and peripheries, in the cities and in the villages. The authors explore the ways in which cosmological principles and concepts of the sacred were used in the construction of ritual space and practice, how local landscapes provided templates for the images and paraphernalia recovered from archaeological contexts, how foreign enclaves relied on ritual for social reproduction, and how domestic ritual was related to, and indeed embedded in, institutionalized state religions.Domestic Ritual of Ancient Mesoamerica

Table of Contents
    • Ch. 01: Introduction by Patricia Plunket
    • Ch. 02: Middle Formative Domestic Ritual at Chalcatzingo, Morelos by David C. Grove and Susan D. Gillespie
    • Ch. 03: Lineages and Ancestors: The Formative Mortuary Assemblages of Tetimpa, Puebla by Gabriela Uruiiuela and Patricia Plunket
    • Ch. 04: Shrines, Ancestors, and the Volcanic Landscape at Tetimpa, Puebla by Patricia Plunket and Gabriela Uruiiuela
    • Ch. 05: Living with the Ancestors and Offering to the Gods: Domestic Ritual at Teotihuacan by Linda Manzanilla
    • Ch. 06: Domestic Ritual in Tlailotlacan, Teotihuacan by Michael W Spence
    • Ch. 07: Monte Alban: Mortuary Practices as Domestic Ritual and Their Relation to Community Religion by Marcus Winter
    • Ch. 08: Household Production of Extra-Household Ritual at the Ceren Site, El Salvador by Linda A. Brown, Scott E. Simmons, and Payson Sheets
    • Ch. 09: Domestic Ritual at Aztec Provincial Sites in Morelos by Michael E. Smith
    • Ch. 10: Rethinking the Great and Little Tradition Paradigm from the Perspective of Domestic Ritual by Patricia A. McAnany