Excavations at Sitagroi Vol. 1: A Prehistoric Village in Northeast Greece Volume 1


Series: Monumenta Archaeologica 13
ISBN: 978-0-917956-51-5
Publication Date: Jul 1986
  • Open Access: PDF

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Colin Renfrew, Marija Gimbutas, and Ernestine Elster

The first of 2 volumes reporting on excavations at a middle neolithic to early bronze age site in northeast Greece. 

Excavations at Sitagroi Vol I: A Prehistoric Village in Northwest Greece

Vol. 1 presents the full sequence of culture exposed by excavation of this settlement mound, 10.5 m deep. Further studies define the environment during the 3 millennia of occupation and clarify the changing pattern of human subsistence over time. 

Excavations at Sitagroi Vol I: A Prehistoric Village in Northwest Greece

The chronological relationships for the Aegean, the Balkans, and Anatolia are examined in detail.

Table of Contents

Part I: Cultural Sequence and Prehistoric Environment

  • Ch. 01: Northeastern Greece: The Archaeological Problem by Colin Renfrew
  • Ch. 02: Development of the Project by Colin Renfrew
  • Ch. 03: Geomorphological Studies by David A. Davidson with a contribution by Barry Thomas  
  • Ch. 04: Vegetational History by Judith Turner and James R. A. Greig         
  • Ch. 05: Faunal Remains by Sándor Bökönyi with a contribution by D. Jánossy
  • Ch. 06: Development of the Settlement Pattern by Brian Blouet 
  • Ch. 07: The Sitagroi Sequence by Colin Renfrew
  • Ch. 08: The Excavated Areas by Colin Renfrew

Part II: From Artifacts to Society

  • Ch. 09: Mythical Imagery of Sitagrio Society by Marija Gimbutas 
  • Ch. 10: Tripods, Plastic Vessels and Stands: A Fragmentary Collection of Social Ceramics by Ernestine S. Elster
  • Ch. 11: The Pottery of Phase I and II Concordance: Figures and Plates by Jenifer Marriot Keighley
  • Ch. 12: the Pottery Phase III Concordance: Figures to Plates by Robert K. Evans
  • Ch. 13: The Potter of Phases IV and V: The Early Bronze Age Concordance Figures and Plates by Andrew Sherratt
  • Ch. 14: Sitagroi in European Prehistory by Colin Renfrew