Hawaiian Adze Production and Distribution: Implications for the Development of Chiefdoms


Series: Monographs 37
ISBN: 978-0-917956-81-2
Publication Date: Dec 1994
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Barbara Lass

Using a study of stone adzes of the precontact period on the island of Hawai'i, Lass examines the role of a material resource in the development of cultural complexity. 

Hawaiian Adze Production and Distribution

Archaeological evidence is used to analyze the hypotheses that embrace the adaptationist and political approaches to increased complexity.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction
  • Ch. 02: Hawaiian Chiefdoms and the Study of Cultural Complexity
  • Ch. 03: Redistribution in the Development of Hawaiian Chiefdoms
  • Ch. 04: Specialization in Hawaiian Adze Production
  • Ch. 05: Craft Specialization and Homogeneity in Finished Adzes
  • Ch. 06: Implications for the Development of Chiefdoms