Hunter-Gatherers of Early Holocene Coastal California


Series: Perspectives in California Archaeology 1

Publication Date: Jul 1991
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Jon M. Erlandson and Roger H. Colten

This volume is the first to bring together a number of studies on the Early Holocene of the California coast (ca. 10,000 to 6600 BP). Erlandson and Colten haveassembled contributions that may be of interest to a broad spectrum of scholars whose research pertains to any of the following: early sites in the Americas, coastal adaptations,hunter-gatherer adaptations, general Pacific coast prehistory, and the specific history of research on pre-6600 BP occupations of coastal California.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jeanne E. Arnold

  • Ch. 01: An Archaeological Context for Early Holocene Studies on the California Coast by Jon M . Erlandson and Roger H. Colten
  • Ch. 02: Early Holocene Environments and Paleoecological Contexts on the Central and Southern California Coast by Larry A. Carbone
  • Ch. 03: Antiquity  and Adaptation at Agua Hedionda, Carlsbad, California by Dennis Gallegos
  • Ch. 04: Early Holocene Adaptations and the Transition Phase Problem: Evidence from the Allan 0. Kelly Site, Agua Hedionda Lagoon by Henry C. Koerper, Paul E. Langenwalter II, and Adela Schroth
  • Ch. 05: Early Holocene Maritime Adaptation at Eel Point, San Clemene Island by Roy A. Salls
  • Ch. 06: Fishing During the Millingstone Horizon? New Data from the Glen Annie Canyon Site, Santa Barbara County by Roger H. Colten               
  • Ch. 07: Shellfish and Seeds as Optimal Resources: Early Holocene Subsistence on the Santa Barbara by Coast by Jon M. Erlandson 
  • Ch. 08: Early Maritime Adaptations on the Northern Channel Islands by Jon M. Erlandson
  • Ch. 09: Early Holocene Adaptations on Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County by Michael A. Glassow
  • Ch. 10: Early Holocene Occupation of the Central California Coast by Gary S. Breschini and Trudy Haversat 
  • Ch. 11: Perspectives on Early Hunter-Gatherers of the California Coast by Roger H. Colten and Jon M. Erlandson