Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity


Series: Monographs 49
ISBN: 978-1-931745-06-2
Publication Date: Dec 2003
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Gyles Iannone Samuel V. Connell

Settlement archaeology in the Maya area has focused much of its attention on the polar extremes of the settlement continuum. As a result of this urban/rural bias, a whole range of complex rural settlements Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexityremain under-explored. The chapters in this volume highlight the variable quality of these "middle level settlements."

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Ch. 01: Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity: An Introduction by Gyles Iannone and Samuel V. Connell
  • Ch. 02 Aspects of Maya Settlement Archaeology, 1999 by Wendy Ashmore 
  • Ch. 03: Rural Complexity in the Cahal Pech Microregion: Analysis and Implications by Gyles Iannone
  • Ch. 04: Making Sense of Variability Among Minor Centers: The Ancient Maya of CHaa Cree, Belize by Samuel V. Connell
  • Ch. 05: Small Settlements in the Upper Belize River Valley: Local Complexity, Household Strategies of Affliation, and the Changing Organization by Jason Yaeger
  • Ch. 06: Identifying Urban and Rural Settlement Components: An Examination of Classic Period Plazuela Group Function at the Ancient Maya Site of Baking Pot, Belize by James M. Conlon and Allan F. Moore
  • Ch. 07: Wetlands, Rivers, and Caves:Agricultural and Ritual Practice in Two Lowland Maya Landscapes by Patricia A. McAnany, Kimberly A. Berry, and Ben S. Thomas
  • Ch. 08: Space and the Limits to Community by Laura Levi    
  • Ch. 09: Suburban Organization : Minor Centers at La Milpa, Belize by Gair Tourtellot, Gloria Everson, and Norman Hammond
  • Ch. 10: Minor Centers, Complexity, and Scale in Lowland Maya Settlement Archaeology by Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase
  • Ch. 11: Laguna de On and Caye Coco: Economic Differentiation at Two Postclassic Island Communities in Northern Belize by Marilyn A. Masson
  • Ch. 12: Coping with Diversity by  Edward M. Schortman and Patricia A. Urban