Archaeology of Solvieux: An Upper Paleolithic Open Air Site in France


Series: Monumenta Archaeologica 19
ISBN: 978-0-917956-91-1
Publication Date: Dec 1999
Price: Hb $75.00
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James Sackett

Few open-air sites of this age have the same extent, complexity and diversity of deposits, as was found at the site of Solvieux in South-west France. The complexities of the site and the intensity of the archaeological investigation called for new and novel methodologies to be devised which are discussed in detail. The history of the project, methodologies, results and analysis of finds are complemented by a large number of drawings, outlines of typologies and essays on Upper Palaeolithic traditions and the contribution of the Solvieux results in this regard.

Recipient of the Jo Anne Stolaroff Cotsen Prize

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction Solvieux
  • Ch. 02: Digging Solvieux
  • Ch. 03: Natural and Cultural Stratigraphy
  • Ch. 04: Archaeological Couches
  • Ch. 05: Archaeological Regime
  • Ch. 06: Typology System
  • Ch. 07: Early Magdalenian Industry: Couche 3-A
  • Ch. 08: Middle Magdalenian Industry: Couches I and II
  • Ch. 09: Raysse Pergordian Industries: couches 2-III, 6-M, and 4-B
  • Ch. 10: Beauronnian Industry: Couche 2-IV
  • Ch. 11: Interpretation: Solvieux and the Archaeological Sequence