Sydney Cyprus Survey Project: Social Approaches to Regional Archaeological Survey


Series: Monumenta Archaeologica 21
ISBN: 978-1-931745-04-8
Publication Date: Jul 2003
Price: Hb $19.98
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Michael Given and A. Bernard Knapp

The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project (SCSP) devoted five seasons of fieldwork (1992-1997) to an intensive archaeological survey in the north-central foothills of the Troodos Mountains on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The survey covered 65 square kilometers in and around the modern villages of Politiko and Mitsero. This pathbreaking project examined the relationship between the production and distribution of agricultural and metallurgical resources. Additionally, the project provides new insights into the interpretation and collection of regional archaeological data. The volume represents an integrated approach to the discussion of social landscapes--from archaeological, historical, geomorphological, geobotanical, and archaeometallurgical perspectives--within the SCSP survey universe. The twenty-two contributors to this volume provide a comprehensive data set including lithics, pottery, site types, and radiocarbon dates. Full color GIS maps provide a wealth of information on pottery densities and site distribtutions. This well-illustrated monograph will serve as a model for future research throughout the region.
Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project
  • Ch. 02: Contribution to Regional Survey Archaeology
  • Ch. 03: Methodological and Analytical Procedures
  • Ch. 04: Survey Results
  • Ch. 05: The Material Culture of the SCPS Landscape
  • Ch. 06: Diachronic Landscape History
  • Ch. 07: Social Landscapes and Regional Archaeological Survey