Us and Them: Archaeology and Ethnicity in the Andes


Series: Monographs 53
ISBN: 978-1-931745-17-8
Publication Date: May 2005
  • Open Access: PDF

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Richard Martin Reycraft

This volume brings together a corpus of scholars whose work collectively represents a significant advancement in the study of prehistoric ethnicity in the Andean region. The assembled research represents an outstanding collection of theoretical and methodological approaches, and conveys recent discoveries in several subfields of prehistoric Andean anthropology, including spatial archaeology, mortuary archaeology, textile studies, ceramic analysis, and biological anthropology. Many of the authors in this volume apply novel research techniques, while others wield more established approaches in original ways. Although the research presented in this volume has occurred in the Andean region, many of the novel methods applied will be applicable to other geographic regions, and it is hoped that this research will stimulate others to pursue future innovative work in the prehistoric study of ethnic identification.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction by Richard Martin Reycraft
  • Ch. 02: Ethnogenesis at Galindo, Peru by Garth Bawden
  • Ch. 03: Of Pots and People: Ceramic Style and Social Identity in the Tiwanaku State by John Wayne Janusek
  • Ch. 04: Style Change and Ethnogenesis among the Chiribaya of Far South Coastal Peru by Richard Martin Reycraft 
  • Ch. 05: Who Were the Priests, the Warriors, and the Prisoners? A Peculiar Problem of Identity in Moche Culture and Iconography, North Coast of Peru by Steve Bourget
  • Ch. 06: Household Approaches to Ethnicity on the South Coast of Peru: The Domestic Architecture of Early Nasca Society by Kevin J. Vaughn
  • Ch. 07: Cultural Communication of Ethnicity through Clothing: The Qocha-Lake Symbol in Contemporary Textiles from Ausangate, Peru by Andrea M. Heckman
  • Ch. 08: North Coast Style After Moche: Clothing and Identity at El Brujo, Chicama Valley, Peru by Amy Oakland Rodman and Gioconda Arabel Fernandez Lopez
  • Ch. 09: Ethnicity, Kinship, and Ancient DNA by Sloan R. Williams
  • Ch. 10: A Bioarchaeological Approach to Tiwanaku Group Dynamics by Deborah E. Blom
  • Ch. 11: A Bioarchaeological Assessment of Prehistoric Ethnicity among Early Late Intermediate Period Populations of the Azapa Valley, Chile by Richard C. Sutter
  • Ch. 12: Pescadores and Labradores Among the Señorio of Chiribaya in Southern Peru by M. C. Lozada and Jane E. Buikstra
  • Ch. 13: Migration, Colonies, and Ethnicity in the South-Central Andes by Charles Stanish
  • Ch. 14: Discussion: Ethnogenesis and Ethnicity in the Andes by Jane E. Buikstra