The World According to Basketry


Series: Cotsen Digital Archaeology Series
ISBN: 90-8789-035-6
Publication Date: Jun 1999
  • Open Access: PDF

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Willeke Wendrich

On the basis of two different archaeological sites, namely Tell el-’Amarna in Middle Egypt (about 1350 BC), and Qasr Ibrim in Nubia (mainly third century BC to sixth century AD), this book deals with the production of basketry in ancient Egypt. Use is also made of a study of contemporary basket makers in Middle Egypt and New Nubia. 

The book first deals with the technical aspects of basketry production, and subsequently with the wider world of basket makers. The book is accompanied by a video file which illustrates the findings presented in the written presentation.

World According to Basketry

Table of Contents

Part One: Methods and Materials

  • Ch. 01: Introduction
  • Ch. 02: The Fabric of Archaeology
  • Ch. 03: On the Classification of Basketry
  • Ch. 04: Field Work Methods
  • Ch. 05: Basketry Analysis
  • Ch. 06: And Action... 
  • Ch. 07: Sources Along the River Nile

 Part Two: Static Aspects of Basketry

  • Ch. 08: Leaves and Branches
  • Ch. 09: Basketry Techniques, A Classification
  • Ch. 10: Basketry from Amarna and Middle Egypt
  • Ch. 11: Basketry from Qasr Ibrim and New Nubia
  • Ch. 12: The Status of the Static

Part Three: Dynamic Aspects of Basketry

  • Ch. 13: The Introduction of Time
  • Ch. 14: Climbing the Tree
  • Ch. 15: Making Mats, Bags and Baskets
  • Ch. 16: The Choreography of Work
  • Ch. 17: The Dance of the Dynamics

Part Four: Basket Makers

  • Ch. 18: Producers at Present
  • Ch. 19: Producers in the Past
  • Ch. 20: Summary and Conclusion