Yeki Bud, Yeki Nabud: Essays on the Archaeology of Iran in Honor of William M. Sumner


Series: Monographs 48
ISBN: 978-1-931745-05-5
Publication Date: Aug 2003
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Naomi F. Miller and Kamyar Abadi

This volume is a collection of essays by colleagues, friends, and students of William M. Sumner in appreciation of his outstanding contribution to Iranian archaeology, especially to our archaeological knowledge of Fars, a center of Iranian civilization.

Table of Contents
  • Ch. 01: Introduction by Naomi F. Miller and Kamyar Abdi
  • Ch. 02: Archaeobotany in Iran: Past and Future by Naomi F. Miller
  • Ch. 03: Susa and the Highlands: Major Trends in the History of Elamite Civilization by Pierre de Miroschedji
  • Ch. 04: Archaeological Survey and Long-term Population Trends in Upper Mesopotamia and Iran by T. J. Wilkinson
  • Ch. 05: Changing Estimates of Susiana’s Prehistoric Settlement by Nicholas Kouchoukos and Frank Hole
  • Ch. 06: Archaeological Survey on the Western Ram Hormuz Plain: 1969 by Henry T. Wright and Elizabeth Carter
  • Ch. 07: Some Observations Based on the Nomadic Characteristics of Fars Prehistoric Cultural Development by Abbas Alizadeh
  • Ch. 08: The Epipaleolithic in the Marvdasht by Michael Rosenberg
  • Ch. 09: Sherd Size and the Banesh Phrase of Occupation in the ABC Operation at Malyan, Iran by John R. Alden
  • Ch. 10: Economy and Administration at Banesh Malyan: Exploring the Potential of Faunal and Chemical Data for Understanding State Process by Melinda A. Zeder and M. James Blackman
  • Ch. 11: From Écriture to Civilization: Changing the Paradigms of Proto-Elamite Archaeology by Kamyar Abdi
  • Ch. 12: A Sumerian Statue from Klark Island on the Persian Gulf by Yousef Majidzadeh
  • Ch. 13: Anshan, Liyan, and Magan circa 2000 BCE by D. T. Potts
  • Ch. 14: Archaeolmetallurgical Investigations at Malyan: The Evidence for Tin-Bronze in the Kaftari Phase by Vincent C. Pigott, Harry C. Rogers, and Samuel K.
  • Ch. 15: Reconsidering the Trouvaille de la statuette d’or: Late Sukkalmah Period at Susa by Holly Pittman
  • Ch. 16: Soudings at Tall-I Qaleh (Hasanabad), Far Province, Iran by Ernie Haerinck and Bruno Overlaet
  • Ch. 17: Three Stray Elamite Tablets from Malyan by Matthew W. Stolper
  • Ch. 18: Style Zones and Adaptions Along the Turkish-Iranian Borderland by Mitchell S. Rothman
  • Ch. 19: Observations on Uratian Bronze Belts by Wolfram Kleiss
  • Ch. 20: A Temple at Hasanlu by Robert H. Dyson, Jr. and Mary M. Voigt
  • Ch. 21: The Hasanlu Gold “Bowl”: A View from Transcaucasia by Karen S. Rubinson
  • Ch. 22: Parsua, Parsa, And Potsherds by T. Cuyler Young Jr.
  • Ch. 23: The Tomb at Arjan and the History of Southwestern Iran I nthe Early Sixth Century BCE by David Stronach
  • Ch. 24: The Persepolis Area in the Achaemedid Period: Some Reconsiderations by Rémy Boucharlat
  • Ch. 25: Context and Content of the Persepolis Inscriptions: The Interchange of XPb and XPd by Michael Kozuh
  • Ch. 26: The Concept of Zeitgeist in Middle Islamic Archaeology by David Whitcomb
  • Ch. 27: Mohammadabad Kharreh Caravanserai: Field Institute of Archaeology, Tehran University by Ezat O. Negahban
  • Ch. 28: Qashqa’I Nomadic Pastoralists and Their Use of Land by Lois Beck