Village Potters of the Troodos Mountains: Ceramic Production in Agios Demetrios, Cyprus 1891-2002

This volume is a study of four generations of female potters working in a remote Cypriot mountain village. Their coil-built jars, jugs, cookware, beehives, ovens, and decorative pots are the subject of Gloria London’s ethnoarchaeological research, including her quantitative data on pot dimensions, production rates, firing times, and rate of loss. The material evidence of potting practice is informed by 40 years of ongoing observation and conversations with the potters and their families.

The Kahramanmaraş Valley Survey: A Crossroads Along the Syro-Anatolian Frontier

This volume presents a study of local landscape histories in the Kahramanmaraş valley—a previously understudied, but pivotal, crossroads along the Syro-Anatolian frontier. The Holocene vegetation history is explored in relation to climatic changes and human impact through the pollen analytical results of a deep core obtained from a former Sağlık (Gavur) lakebed.