Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emerita, Department of Anthropology

I am an archaeologist interested in the evolution of political complexity in ancient western North America.

Current Excavations at Tell Mozan, the site of ancient Urkesh. This ancient city is known as one of the major political centers in the third millennium, and also as the holy city of Hurrian mythology.

Department of Anthropology

Moche civilization flourished on the north coast of Peru between AD 100 and 800.

Department of Anthropology
Department of Art History
Department of Anthropology; Department of History

The Hani ethnoarchaeological survey, initiated in 1970, involves monitoring daily and seasonal activities in a Ghanaian traditional community of around 2000 peasant cultivators some 270 miles northwest of the capital.

Department of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology

Director, CIOA European Laboratory

Professor Emeritus, Department of Art History; Conservation Program