AMR SHAHAT podcast on “Archaeology and Today’s Diet” released by the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center

Amr Shahat, a graduate student in archaeology in the Cotsen Institute and visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, has contributed a podcast to the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA for their series around new perspectives on health and well-being called UCLA LiveWell. In the podcast, “Past to Present: Archaeology and Today’s Diet,” Shahat discusses how scientific analysis of food remnants can tell stories of how ancient Egyptians lived. He explains how racism and gender inequality intersect with archaeology and how the study of what is left in the stomach of mummies can tell us how much fiber we should eat. Shahat previously wrote about his research in the 2019 issue of Backdirt, the annual review of the Cotsen Institute. Additional information on his research can be accessed through ResearchGate.