Archaeology Mentorship Program

The Archaeology Mentorship Program (AMP) aims to provide equitable access to informal mentorship relationships and information for undergraduate students and recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in archaeology or a related field. The program is open to anyone interested in learning more about archaeology and who feels they would benefit from such resources. We facilitate one-on-one mentorship relationships between undergraduate and graduate students as well as offering quarterly informational events.

AMP aims to address the challenges undergraduate students face as they explore archaeology and adjacent fields by sharing resources, information, and opportunities. This program is especially valuable to first-generation college students as well as those who come from communities historically underrepresented in academia.

AMP was founded in 2020 by undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA who recognized a need to increase access to information and lower barriers to entering the field of archaeology through forming connections between students at different stages of their explorations of the field.