Lyssa Stapleton

Director of the Waystation Initiative

Fowler A331


Lyssa C. Stapleton received her MA and PhD in archaeology from UCLA. She has a BA in anthropology, with a minor in museum studies, from Cal State East Bay. Her research examines the link between archaeological site looting and the art market and the impact that increasing awareness of the trade in illegal antiquities has on the market. She is interested in the evolution of collections stewardship in the 21st century, with a particular focus on unprovenanced cultural objects in museums and private collections and the challenges of repatriation and voluntary returns. Trained as an archaeologist and a curator, Stapleton has conducted fieldwork in Armenia, Albania, Hungary, and the United States where her research looked at the relationship between material culture in funerary contexts and social roles, and particularly at ancient woven artifacts. As a curator she specialized in the stewardship of archaeological textiles, the decolonization movement, and the ethics of collecting. Lyssa joined the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology as the Director of the Waystation Initiative in January of 2023. As part of her role as director of the Waystation, she teaches courses in the graduate certificate program in Cultural Heritage Research, Stewardship, and Restitution. 


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2023    Conference Presentation, Collections Committee of the International Council of Museums, Annual Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan. “The Waystation Initiative: New Approaches to the Voluntary Return of Cultural Objects”

2021    Invited Speaker, The History Group of Los Angeles. Presentation Title: “Looting and the Encyclopedic Museum: A History” 

2020    Conference presentation, The Textile Society of America, Bi-Annual Symposium

            Presentation title: “Subversive Stitches: An Embroidered Cushion Portraying Charles I in the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection”

2020    Invited speaker, Textile Museum Associated of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. “Lloyd Cotsen and His Textiles: A Lifetime of Collecting and Connoisseurship”

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