Working Groups

Andean Working Group

The Andean Working Group draws scholars from across Southern California to the UCLA campus for meetings focused on current research in Andean archaeology, art history, anthropology, and history.  Presentations made by local and international scholars are short (approximately 20 minutes) followed by an extended group discussions (40 minutes).  The AWG was founded by Chip Stanish (Department of Anthropology) and Stella Nair (Art History) in 2014. For more information, please contact this year's organizer, Kevin Vaughn.

Ethnoarchaeology Working Group

The Ethnoarchaeology Working Group proposes to conduct future workshop sessions and training relating to all aspects of ethnoarchaeology in different parts of the world. Members of the working group include:

Digital Modeling Working Group

The Digital Modeling Working Group brings together scholars who integrate 3D modeling into their research in order to develop best practices for project workflow and how to annotate 3D models and share them across various platforms and native software. The group was established in 2017 by Dr. Kristine Tanton and Anthony Caldwell. In July 2017 the group will host a workshop focusing on metadata recommendations and methods for attaching, viewing, and sharing data for 3D models within native CAD-software and via relational databases. For more information about this workshop or to join the group, please email