Experimental Archaeology Lab

All students and affiliates of the Cotsen Institute are welcome to use this space and its facilities. For more information and reservations, please contact Hans Barnard or Vanessa Muros.

During the second half of 2018 a beginning has been made to refurbish room A419, formerly housing the European Archaeology Laboratory, into a space for experimental archaeology, including simple sample preparation and analysis.

The laboratory currently holds:

  • a traditional kick-wheel and a modern electric potter’s wheel, as well as a small electric kiln, for experimental pottery production
  • tarps and goggles for knapping experiments
  • a complete set-up for the manual manufacturing of petrographic thin-sections (of stone or pottery)
  • several portable X-ray fluorescence instruments for material analysis
  • a selection of microscopes, including stereo-microscopes, reflected, transmitted and cross-polarized light microscopes, as well as several Dino-lite digital microscopes
  • an array of laboratory hot-plates and centrifuges for sample preparation